Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Essay on the word Sharp for class - any tips?

Mental Swiss Cheese

Short of having a medical condition it is rare to find a person that does not have an affinity to at least one type of cheese or another.  Even then many would rather suffer the wrath than go without.  As I contemplate all the delightful methods of preparation and various combinations that can be created with ease and the complete lack of professional training, I am overwhelmed not only with options but with ecstasy as I mentally taste them all.  I may be a snob in my choices and taste in types of cheese but I am unapologetic and take great pride in the sophistication of my palette.
There are very few varieties that I truly dislike but Swiss tops the list by far.  This actually sort of upsets me because I love most things Swiss.  There is very little at which they don’t excel.  In fact adding Swiss chocolate to other cheeses is surprisingly delicious.  It may be childish but for me it all starts with the holes.  In my mind it looks and feels incomplete, like I’m missing out on something.  That first hurdle is huge for me but then comes the taste that seems to have an odd sharp quality that I can’t quite place and borders on being spoiled.
Once I get over the visual and dodge the sat out on the counter a little too long taste, I inexplicably picture scans of Alzheimer’s patients brains.  That may speak more about the state of my mind than that of the cheese but in an odd way it strikes me as a caution to what can happen to our minds physiologically.  As much as I dislike Swiss cheese maybe I can find an appreciation for it in the ways it figuratively speaks to me rather than how it physically tastes.
There are plenty of sharp cheeses that I love so I believe I can separate that factor out of my dislike for the Swiss variety and take mental heed from the holes and take measures to keep my mind sharp.  Hopefully mental awareness and a conscious effort will give me an advantage in keeping my grey matter intact and preventing it from turning into Swiss cheese.


  1. You and me both! I LOVE cheese of all kinds. But Swiss is straight up offensive to the buds. Loved your analogy! :)

  2. I can deal with swiss couple with some meat but taking it single and it is just sweaty looking and nasty:)

  3. I thought I was the only one with a sharp distaste for Swiss! Though I lived in France for awhile, and there are definitely worse.

  4. Such a great post! Love visiting your blog!

    Lola x

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